This Weekend

This weekend was a long weekend (woohoo). Having Monday off is always appreciated and allows you to get some more time off to do what you love.

This weekend was spent catching up with a few friends, reading, baking and relaxing.


Enjoyed this breakfast on the porch this morning. It includes the muffins I made Saturday night. Delicious and filling!! Click here for the banana oat muffin recipe.

image (8)

Picked up from froyo to beat the heat. Vanilla with strawberries and peanut butter crunch! My favorite summer snack. What’s your go-to summer snack?


Going along with my goal to eat more veggies, I prepared this plate for lunch with some dip.


Little quote I came across. It’s now the background on my phone so that I can always be reminded to enjoy the moment.  Most of us spend our days thinking about yesterday and tomorrow, we can’t forget about today!

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