Love your workout & TRX

I would say that my go-to workouts consist of running and yoga. Over time, I’ve realized that when it comes to exercise (as well as eating well), you need to stick to what you enjoy and what makes you happy and feel good. Otherwise, you will not keep up with it. In my opinion, if you’re doing something that frustrates you or bores you, chances are, you will let it go. So my best piece of advice is always do what you love! If you love what you’re doing, it will become more to you than just a way to tighten your tushy. I use yoga and running to clear my mind and make me feel strong and energized.

Now, I’ve recently added a new favorite type of workout to my list! It’s one of the new 2013 gym trends – TRX. I have now attended 3 classes at the gym and I’m really enjoying it. The workout is based on military training as they need to be able to train on the go. It’s a complete portable workout system. Most gyms are now starting to offer it. Basically, it involves 2 nylon straps with handles that hang from the ceiling. It’s all you need to get a full body workout. I would say that it definitely helps build upper body and arm strength as almost every exercise set requires the strength of your arms. You’ll be sore for days but it feels good! It’s also fun because it’s different than anything you’ve ever done. You’ll be hanging and swinging and jumping and pulling. You kind of feel like a little monkey.

What I love is that the workout is adaptable for all levels – beginners to athletes. You can go easy in the beginning to get the hang of it and get the hang of how to manipulate the straps. Once you get more comfortable you’ll be able to get into more explosive jumps and working at a higher intensity.

I recommend this workout if you’re bored of weights and other old strength training routine classes.

What new workout trends are you into this year? 



So I haven’t been around for the last few days. I caught a cold over the weekend and ended up just relaxing for the rest of it. However, I did work on finding a few things I will share over the next few days!

I decided to cure my cold by resting a lot and drinking plenty of tea! Here is so information I found about sleep and tea that I thought I would share with you.

Here is a list of great sleep improvement tips



Here are 8 reasons to love drinking tea and give up coffee




I also took the time to read a lot about Ayurveda. I’ve always been fascinated by all the information it has to offer. I initially started reading about it when I started doing yoga. Although I think that a lot of Ayurvedic foods and daily routines are very different from the way we live in the Western part of the world I still think there is a lot of information to be considered. They suggest a lot of homeopathic and natural replacements for many of the things we seek medication for. They also believe that people are made up of a combination of three Doshas (Vata, Pita and Kapha). I completed a quiz, which told me I am a Vata-Pita. I sought out to find simple ways to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into our daily lives and came up with a few tidbits.

For better skin

15 simple ways to live an Ayurvedic life (The honey water looks pretty simple and quick!)

Know your stress type

Dosha Quiz


Baking with Bananas

Tonight I was in a baking mood and decided to cook up a batch of muffins! I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make the muffins that were on my list, back in this post. They are healthy banana oat muffins. I like making muffins for other people, it’s always a nice treat to give to friends or co-workers. I’ll keep a couple for myself and my family and bring the rest to work!


I made a few tiny tweaks to make them even healthier. I decided to replace the fat-free milk for vanilla almond milk and I also decided to throw in some flax seeds to get in some more omega-3’s! Omega-3’s provide a lot of benefits. They are good for increasing concentration and memory, better sleep and better skin among other benefits.


I was a little bit nervous at first because the batter seemed pretty liquidy but in the end it worked out because the muffins came out more moist, which I prefer. If you like drier muffins I would suggest using 1.5 bananas rather than 2 bananas, if they are larger.

image (7)



Very quick and easy recipe. They are perfect for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack.

I Scream, You Scream

As promised, last night I made the dairy-free Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream that I had said I was going to make in this post.


I was a little apprehensive at first because I didn’t like the smell of the coconut milk. However, once it finally froze I must say I do really like it! It’s a light and refreshing treat. Very easy and inexpensive to make. I would say that it’s more of a sorbet. Perfect for a summer BBQ and very healthy as there is no sugar! Definitely POT approved!

I changed the recipe a little bit by adding a tiny bit of almond milk and a couple of drops of vanilla because I was worried about the coconut milk.  However, I don’t think it really made a difference but try it out if you like!

I’m sure you could also make this recipe with frozen mangoes and/or other fruits.

Click here for post with recipe.

This Summer


Working full-time this summer I feel like the days are just passing me by. I’ve gotten into a routine and seem to be forgetting about all the things I had been wanting to do this summer. So I thought I would make a list of them here. It’s always hard when you don’t have a lot of time so whenever it comes to goals I feel like it’s always easier to come up with a very specific few that way you have more of a chance of actually doing them.

1) Take a Cooking Class

I’d like to explore a new kind of food such as Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, etc. Hopefully I will be able to find a decent cooking class in my area. Otherwise, I will have to be taking some lessons from my mother! The woman is able to cook just about any kind of food you can think of.

2) Plan a picnic


I’ve always wanted to organize a picnic with my girlfriends. This summer I will actually do it. It’s a fun way to spend some time outside and a money-saving activity.

3) Go to a Museum

Not sure which museum I’ll be going to yet but I’d definitely like to check out what’s going on in my neighborhood to see if there are any interesting exhibits.

4) Try a new exotic restaurant

Trying new flavors and types of food is always exciting and definitely on my list of things to do this summer! In fact, I think I should keep up with it beyond summer. I always find my girlfriends and I are going to the places.


5) Go to the farmer’s market

I love all the interesting local products you can often find at a farmer’s market.

6) Go for a bike ride

I always went for bike rides on the weekend with my family and hope to do it again this summer

7) Read more books

I’ve already started on this goal. I am currently reading Spellbound by Jane Green. So far, I love it!


What’s on your list of things to do this summer?

Crazy for Granola

Peanut Butter Granola


I love granola. I use it in plenty of ways, for breakfast, as a snack, on top of my cereal, on top of my yogurt, etc. However, I do find that it can be a pretty expensive purchase in the grocery store and even worse have disgusting amounts of sugar, which none of us need!! That’s why I have resorted to trying to make my own granola as much as possible. I came across a recipe from Shape Magazine that I find really quick and yummy. Once again, as always, I am posting a very versatile recipe! Therefore, you can tweak some of the ingredients for others to make it more to your liking. It only takes about 3 minutes to prepare and 7 minutes to cook (woohoo, more time for watching TV!).


  • 2 tbsp. creamy peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • ¼ tsp. cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 c. oats

To make it healthier: Use natural peanut butter, add chia seeds, add flax seeds, use almond butter, etc.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray and set aside. Combine peanut butter and honey in a bowl and microwave until peanut butter melts (approximately 20 seconds). Stir.

Stir cinnamon and vanilla into peanut butter and honey mixture. Add oats and stir until oats are completely covered in peanut butter mixture. Spread out oat mixture onto prepared cookie sheet and bake for 7 -8 minutes until granola is slightly browned. Let cool until granola is crunchy.

Just make sure not to overcook it otherwise you it will taste like burned toast!!

What do you like to put in your granola? 


What’s on My List?

Here are a couple of recipes I’ve come across that are on my list of things to make in the upcoming weeks. they all seem pretty quick and simple.  Try them before me and let me know how they turn out!


I’ll be making these banana oat muffins to bring to work this week! Check them out here.


These look like a really easy snack! Check them out here


Definitely trying this out this weekend! Click here for the recipe.


Haven’t gotten around to trying this whole kale fad yet but I plan to get on board soon. Check out this single skillet black bean, sweet potato and kale dish from Goop here.



Here’s a recipe for an avocado, shrimp, rice and cilantro dish. I think I’ll try replacing the rice for Quinoa. Check it out here.

Which will you try?