Happy Father’s Day

I spent my Father’s Day time driving my dad around the golf course while he played a couple of holes last night. Which was beautiful. I don’t really enjoy the actual game of golf (used to play when I was little) as it is a little bit too slow for me. However, I do admit I love being on the course. Very peaceful and beautiful scenery.


I also decided I would cook something up for dinner. And I know what you’ll all be thinking, that I just made pizza, HOWEVER, when I found this recipe for doughless pizza I knew I had to give it a try. I used Lauren Conrad’s recipe here.

Now…Here is my verdict on the whole thing. I would like to emphasize that this recipe is not necessarily that much healthier. You are in fact saving on the carbs but there is a lot of cheese and oil. So if you’re trying to cut your carbs, go ahead. But if you’re trying to cut calories, I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Which is why I am going to suggest a few changes to the recipe. Here is what I would do the next time around, which there will be, because don’t get me wrong the recipe is DELICIOUS and definitely satisfies your pizza craving. However it is a little bit too heavy.


  • Cut down on the cheese. the recipe calls for 1 cup but I think I will be putting a little bit less next time around. Also try to use low fat mozzarella.
  • Do not use a whole head of cauliflower, otherwise most of it will got to waste. Use part of the cauliflower head, maybe 1/3.
  • Do not use salt. The recipe calls for salt, however, I think there is already enough salt in the rest of the ingredients to make up for it. You don’t need to worry about it being flavorless.
  • When you brush the olive oil on the flattened “dough“, only brush it along the edges to make them harder and crispier. It isn’t necessary to brush it all over as it is already quite greasy with the cheese.
  • Do use a lot of cheese as a pizza topping, only sprinkle on a little bit as there is enough in the crust.


If you make this recipe let me know how you’ve adjusted it to your tastes or if you know of a substitute for all the cheese!



What’s on My List?

Here are a couple of recipes I’ve come across that are on my list of things to make in the upcoming weeks. they all seem pretty quick and simple. ┬áTry them before me and let me know how they turn out!


I’ll be making these banana oat muffins to bring to work this week! Check them out here.


These look like a really easy snack! Check them out here


Definitely trying this out this weekend! Click here for the recipe.


Haven’t gotten around to trying this whole kale fad yet but I plan to get on board soon. Check out this single skillet black bean, sweet potato and kale dish from Goop here.



Here’s a recipe for an avocado, shrimp, rice and cilantro dish. I think I’ll try replacing the rice for Quinoa. Check it out here.

Which will you try?


Bethenny’s Quick and Easy BBQ Solutions

I don’t know about you but I’m a pretty big fan of Bethenny Frankel. Watched all her shows, follow her on Instagram, plan to watch her talk show and frequently check out her website.


One of the reasons I love her is because she provides easy and quick solutions for your daily life, quick fashion tips, quick cooking tips, etc. The link above provides a video I found on her website where she discusses quick solutions for your BBQ troubles. I thought I’d share it with you guys. Of course she always provides a good laugh.