What’s on My List?

Here are a couple of recipes I’ve come across that are on my list of things to make in the upcoming weeks. they all seem pretty quick and simple. ┬áTry them before me and let me know how they turn out!


I’ll be making these banana oat muffins to bring to work this week! Check them out here.


These look like a really easy snack! Check them out here


Definitely trying this out this weekend! Click here for the recipe.


Haven’t gotten around to trying this whole kale fad yet but I plan to get on board soon. Check out this single skillet black bean, sweet potato and kale dish from Goop here.



Here’s a recipe for an avocado, shrimp, rice and cilantro dish. I think I’ll try replacing the rice for Quinoa. Check it out here.

Which will you try?

Sweet Potato and Carrot Goodness

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

I know it’s summer and it’s warm out but who doesn’t love a good soup? It’s an easy way to eat your veggies! Here’s a favorite of mine that’s quick and inexpensive to make. Not to mention really healthy.


  • 1 sweet potato
  • about a pound of carrots
  • low sodium chicken broth (if you don’t use low sodium you’re soup will be too salty)
  • thyme
  • salt & pepper to season



First start by peeling the carrots and the sweet potato. Then cut everything up. Start boiling the chicken broth and then place the carrots and sweet potato in the chicken broth and let them cook. Make sure the chicken broth is covering the vegetables. The more broth, the soupier you’re soup will be. Throw in the thyme at the same time. Let everything cook for about about 20-30 minutes. Once the carrots and sweet potato pieces are soft start transfer the mix in batches into a blender and blend everything together until creamy. Keep doing this until everything is blended and then season with salt and pepper!

This recipe is very versatile, add an onion or garlic for more flavor if you prefer. If you do this cook the onion and/or garlic in a pan for a little bit beforehand. Don’t overcook the onion or it will be bitter. You can also adjust the texture of the soup. To make it creamier – add cream. To make it less thick – add water or more broth. Lastly, if you’re a vegetarian just use vegetable broth.

Now you are left with a very orange and delicious soup!