Love your workout & TRX

I would say that my go-to workouts consist of running and yoga. Over time, I’ve realized that when it comes to exercise (as well as eating well), you need to stick to what you enjoy and what makes you happy and feel good. Otherwise, you will not keep up with it. In my opinion, if you’re doing something that frustrates you or bores you, chances are, you will let it go. So my best piece of advice is always do what you love! If you love what you’re doing, it will become more to you than just a way to tighten your tushy. I use yoga and running to clear my mind and make me feel strong and energized.

Now, I’ve recently added a new favorite type of workout to my list! It’s one of the new 2013 gym trends – TRX. I have now attended 3 classes at the gym and I’m really enjoying it. The workout is based on military training as they need to be able to train on the go. It’s a complete portable workout system. Most gyms are now starting to offer it. Basically, it involves 2 nylon straps with handles that hang from the ceiling. It’s all you need to get a full body workout. I would say that it definitely helps build upper body and arm strength as almost every exercise set requires the strength of your arms. You’ll be sore for days but it feels good! It’s also fun because it’s different than anything you’ve ever done. You’ll be hanging and swinging and jumping and pulling. You kind of feel like a little monkey.

What I love is that the workout is adaptable for all levels – beginners to athletes. You can go easy in the beginning to get the hang of it and get the hang of how to manipulate the straps. Once you get more comfortable you’ll be able to get into more explosive jumps and working at a higher intensity.

I recommend this workout if you’re bored of weights and other old strength training routine classes.

What new workout trends are you into this year? 


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